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Predatek - Maximum Efishency


G. Hackinson
"Hi, Predatek.
I finally get around to sending you a couple of photo's of the fish that I caught on the Vipers.

Lake trout pix &

Was an excellent trip and landed over 400 fish in 6 and a half days. I spent the last day fishing only Predatek lures, my guide gave me a funny look when I tied one on and commented "not sure if them will work up here" .


Well, we didn't troll but about 20 meters and I hooked what was to be "too many to count" Lake Trout that day on "Vipers". The next afternoon before boarding the float planes to take us home many of the guests that were at the same lodge as myself were asking all kinds of questions concerning the "Vipers" as my guide had told everyone how well I did with the Lake Trout on them."

Gene Hackinson - American in Canada

Snapshots of Maximum Efishency -
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"Is there still an unknown lure? It seems to be. I was with a few German and Dutch fishing journalists fishing in 'giant' lake in Norway. This Tyrifjord is a great pike lake with a really enormous amount of pikes.

I met a Norwegian fisherman there ( Terje Anderson ) who also had a website. I really asked him everything about pikefishing in his area because I wanted to score in his country. He told me about very good lures for his lakes.

He offered me in Norway a few Predatek lures. In Holland I never had heard from the brandname Predatek. Now I have fished with it and caught a lot of fish. For us as sportfishermen we hope this lure will make his way to Holland. The first impression is always the best and that is with these lures absolutely good."

Pim Pos, Zandam, Holland

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"I've used Downunder (Predatek) Lures since the first wooden Boomerangs. They work wonderfully well in fresh or saltwater; they're built by people who know what they're doing and I couldn't name a more versatile lure, either local or imported."
Vic McCristal
(Fishing Author)

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