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Attaching your lure to the line

OBJECTIVE: Attach the lure in a manner which does not impede free movement of the towing point (eyelet, split ring, or steel plate).

1. Using a snap or snap-swivel

This is convenient if you want to switch lures frequently.

A plain snap gives a better action than a snap swivel. When trolling, use of a snap-swivel will reduce line twist if the lure becomes tangled after a missed strike, or picks up some foreign material which causes it to spin.

Plain snap

Better action

Snap swivel

OK for trolling

Large snaps or snap swivels cause problems with small lures. They will degrade performance - acting as a damper on lure action. They can sink a small lure.

Inferior action - heavy snap

Snap too big

2. Tying main line or leader directly to the lure

This method is the best alternative if you think the appearance of a snap swivel will spook the fish - OR - the extra weight will affect its action or speed.

If the towpoint of the lure does not have a split ring, use a loose loop-type knot. If the knot snugs up against the tow wire it will degrade performance.

OK - loop knot


Inferior action - fixed knot

Not recommended

If the towpoint is fitted with a split ring, it's OK to tie a knot firmly to the ring. Just ensure that the knot snugs down into the 'waist' section of the split ring (between the two cut ends). Also ensure that the split ring wires are firmly closed. If slightly opened, they will allow the line to work off the ring, resulting in a lost lure.

OK - lknot snugged into waist


Less secure

Not recommended

If the split ring is fatigued, better to use a wire snap of sufficient gauge to prevent slipping through - OR - replace the split ring.



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