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  B65UD Boomerang (Ultra Deep)
Super deep diver
One of the deepest lures in its class. Still uses laser-cut polycarbonate bib and omega wire clip, rather than moulded bibs in other 65mm Boomerangs.

Considering its very specialised application (deep trolling) the B65UD is a volume seller with interest on the increase.

A mid-summer special when impoundment fish are holding deeper.

Narrow action
An unusual lure because, despite the huge bib, it doesn't have a heavy throbbing action.

Rather it swims with a tight wobble that allows it to dig deeper than heavy actioned lures.

Heavy action lures shed water pressure to the sides at the extremes of their sideways wobble. In contrast, the B65UD resists sideways movement and can only do one thing to compensate — go down.
Main Australian freshwater species
  • bass
  • golden perch
  • Murray cod
* specialist trolling lure
Main Australian saltwater species
  • mangrove jack
  • estuary cod
  • barramundi
  • fingermark
Main foreign species
  • largemouth bass
  • smallmouth bass
  • walleye


Lake Copeton, birthplace of Predatek lures
Tropical Frog (TF)

"The first lure in the water in any impoundment and the most common thing on the end of my line. The definitive small bodied deep diving lure. Gets down past 7 metres on 12lb braid and habitually catches all of our temperate and tropical impoundment targets." - Neil Schultz, "Fishing World Magazine"

Body length, excluding bib Weight of lure Size and grade of hooks Size and grade of split rings Number of colour variations How easy is it to cast How easy is it to wind in Floater or sinker
65mm 11g #4 #2 21 The more lights the better The more lights the better floats

Full page view Action Maximum depth Maximum speed
View more images of this product narrow/fast 7m 3 knots
Shorter Explanation of buttons and datasheet info Longer
Hide colours
Action is influenced by bib size/shape, retrieve speed and method of attachment.
Depth is influenced by bib size/shape, retrieve speed, class and length of line and method of attachment.
Speed potential is influenced by design of lure and tuning.

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