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A 60cm dusky flathead is guided towards the GOB-LOC. These fish are spikey and have sharp teeth. The GOB-LOC makes it easier to handle them.

Hooks and buckin' fish can be dangerous!

Reduce the risk of injury to yourself and the fish by using a Predatek GOB-LOC.

What is a GOB-LOC?

It's a quality engineered tool designed to improve your safety and the welfare of the fish you intend to catch and release. It gives you a hands off way to remove the hooks, and measure and weigh the fish.

Keeps your hands dry and warm in cold conditions and minimises contact with the fish's mucous coating because you don't have to handle it - important if you want to release it in perfect health.

GOB-LOC offers more features and value for money than other lip lock grippers, and really is easier to use.

It's easier to store or carry than a landing net. And it avoids the time wasting problem of fish and hooks becoming entangled in the mesh of a landing net.

Attach a security rope to the lanyard and, even if a large fish wrests the GOB-LOC from your grasp, you can let it go and pull it back on the rope! There is another benefit to using a security rope.

There are three GOB-LOC models:

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GOB-LOC parts
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Flathead locked
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The dusky flathead is restrained and can be held in the water while the hooks are removed. If not required for the table, or to be weighed and measured, it can be released without having been lifted from the water.


The Predatek GOB-LOC is a fish-friendly and angler-friendly tool. Have one at the ready in your boat or on a handy belt pouch to safely land, control, weigh and measure fish and give them the best chance of survival when released.

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