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All catch-and-release sportfishers have a responsibility to ensure that fish are released in healthy condition to maximise their chances of survival. Predatek is proud to offer the GOB-LOC as an aid to that philosophy.

The GOB-LOC claws close on themselves with just the fish's membranous tissue between them. They do not clamp on the fish's jaws. This means the fish's possible violent movements are not restricted to the extent that the jaw bone could be broken.

Here are some general tips to consider when handling fish that are to be released.

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Tony Schultz shows the fish friendly way to support a bass for photographs. Note the fingers supporting fish near vent, avoiding compression of its abdomen and internal organs.

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The ethic of catch and release sportfishing dictates that fish be handled with respect and care. Predatek's GOB-LOC can assist anglers in that endeavour.

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