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GOB-LOC bass
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An Australian bass, immobilised by a GOB-LOC, lies quietly on wet carpet while being photographed. The lure is a custom coloured 65mm Boomerang Deep Diver nicknamed 'Dubai Tiger'. (Neil Schultz photo).

An engineered tool

There are three GOB-LOC models:


GOB-LOC is made from strong components:


Hold the GOB-LOC in your hands and you can appreciate the quality:


All metal parts of the GOB-LOC 2860 except the knurled scale locking screw (nickel plated brass) are stainless steel. The 2860 is therefore suitable for all environments.

The GOB-LOC 1226 is identical to the 2860 except the scale spring is carbon steel. The 1226 is suitable for freshwater use, but will stand up to prolonged saltwater use if a little care is taken with maintenance; rinsing in fresh water after use and a spray of aerosol lubricant.

The GOB-LOC Mk1 is made of aluminium and brass and has a carbon steel spring.

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GOB-LOC parts
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Click image to see a photograph showing the component parts of the GOB-LOC

Jaw clearance
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FEATURE: When locked shut, the claws of the GOB-LOC do not squeeze the fish's jaw. This is important for fish like flathead which don't have strong jaws. If they struggle, there is less chance of damage to the jawbone (maxilla).

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Kevin Clark shows a GOB-LOCKED Lake Awoonga barra for the camera. The fish, caught at midday, weighed 8kg. It was released to provide more sport in the future.

Click to enlarge (Rob Smith photo).

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