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Unlock scale
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How to:

Turn the scale lock screw 2.5 turns anticlockwise to enable the weigh scale.


This screw can be left permanently unlocked if you prefer. The handle will be loose but that's OK!

Read weight
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How to:

Read the weight of the fish where the edge of handle tube reveals the engraved markings. Weight is shown in kilograms and pounds.

Using the GOB-LOC 1226 and 2860 is easy and safe.

To capture the fish

  1. Place the lanyard loop over your wrist and snug it with the cord lock.
  2. Grasp the GOB-LOC firmly in your preferred hand.
  3. Cock the claw assembly open by pulling back on the triggering grasp until it clicks into position. You can do this one-handed using your thumb or use your other hand.
  4. Place your thumb lightly on the release button.
  5. Enclose the lower jaw of the fish with the GOB-LOC claws - one claw in the fish's mouth, the other under its chin. Aim to have the GOB-LOC claws close on the membranous tissue behind the maxilla (jaw bone).
  6. Holding the handle firmly, press the release button and the GOB-LOC claws wil snap shut and lock around the fish's jaw. Be prepared for a possible reaction from the fish and keep a firm grip on the handle.
    NOTE: Fish that have been played out usually don't struggle very much.
  7. Remove the hook(s) using long-nosed pliers or a hook out device.

To weigh the fish

  1. Unscrew the scale locking screw 2.5 turns.
  2. Hold the fish vertically in front of you, using two hands, and read the weight in kgs or lbs from the corresponding scale.
  3. Work as quickly as possible to minimise stress to the fish.

To measure the fish

  1. If the fish is heavy, lay it on its side on a wet surface (sand or towel) before measuring. This will reduce the risk of damaging the fish. You will also need to do this if the length of the fish exceeds the tape measure's limit of 90cm. A good problem to have!
  2. Draw the end of the tape measure out to the end of the fish's tail.
  3. Read its length from the scale at a point level with its top jaw.

How to use the GOB-LOC Mk1 economy model.

GOB-LOC info

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• Fish care

• Specifications

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How to:

Cock the GOB-LOC in readiness for capturing a fish.

Snap locking
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How to:

Press the GOB-LOC's trigger button to snap the claws into the lock position.

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How to:

Measure the fish by drawing the end of the stainless steel tape measure out of its housing. It has a maximum length of 90cm.


Fish over 90cm?

Don't complain! :-) In order to make the GOB-LOC compact, we had to limit the size of the tape measure. Compensate for the limitation by measuring the fish in segments, or carry a lightweight, synthetic dressmaker's tape measure with you. We do.

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Kevin Clark caught this small Lake Awoonga barra on a Citrus Bomb Sandviper at dusk. The GOB-LOC was handy to measure and hold the fish for a photo before it was released.

Click to enlarge (Rob Smith photo).

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