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Order forms

Bank details
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DIRECT DEPOSIT: Purchases can be paid for by direct deposit into our bank account.

Westpac Banking Corporation

Port Macquarie Branch

BSB: 032-586
A/C: 166839
Downunder Lures P/L

ABN 64 050 040 189


When paying by direct deposit, please email to us the reference code you used for your internet banking transaction (e.g. JFKgearshop - your initials + 'gearshop' as a suggestion) so we can identify your payment on our bank statement.

GearShop order forms

You can download an order form in PDF or XLS format.

EMAIL order
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If you are paying by Direct Deposit, you can speed delivery of your order by emailing it to us at You can include the order details by attaching the completed XLS order form to your email or simply by describing your order in the email. Don't forget to include your delivery address!

Please see CREDIT CARD caution box to see why you should not email your credit card details to us.

Credit Card
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PLEASE NOTE: If paying by credit card, do not email your card details to us. Email is not a secure means of transmitting credit card information. There are criminals on the Netwho can harvest information transmitted by email. The only secure way to pay for GearShop purchases by Credit Card is to FAX your card details or PHONE them through.


FAX order
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Fax your order to +61 2 6581 4155.

This is the most secure way to place an order if you are paying by credit card.

If you are paying by money order or cheque, please POST your order with payment.

POSTAL order
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Post your order to:
Predatek GearShop
PO Box 5580
Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Please include your payment (cheque or money order) or a note to say that you are paying by Direct Deposit into our bank account.


The Predatek field testing team recommends Awoonga Dam Houseboat Hire for your next fishing holiday. Phone 07 4978 1211 or 0418 776 810 to make enquiries.

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