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  S150 SandViper (Shallow)

Shallow water special
SandViper is built to generate hot action in skinny water. Its unique shape, wake-the-dead rattle, and rock 'n roll action are fatal attractions for surface busting predators of every kind.

Day or Night
Since 1996, Predatek's Viper design has taken thousands of trophy fish around the world. The SandViper variant hunts the skinny water and silhouettes against the surface in moonlight or bridge lights where big fish lurk.

Read about our enduroShok bib (lip) technology
Featuring Predatek's proven enduroShok bib technology, SandViper takes the rigours of fishing around structure and rocks, and the savage strikes of trophy fish in its stride. It may be destined for a tough life but our enduroShok bib will keep your SandViper in the hunt.

That's Maximum Efishency at work.

Cast or Troll
SandViper's aerodynamic shape and weight are great for casting. It slow dances to a Striper, Tarpon, Snook, and Barra beat, or tracks at 7 knots behind your boat to excite pelagic game fish.

Maximum Hook Exposure
SandViper looks like a fat baitfish, but when fish hit the tapered body it's all hooks - two big 2/0's - strong and sharp!

(2 x #2/0 hooks available on S150X model)

Rock 'n Roll Action
Combines a tight wobble and rolling movement for a fluid, weaving action. Twitch, rip, or swim it - and hang on!

Main Australian freshwater species
  • barramundi
  • Murray cod (in the shallows at night)
Main Australian saltwater species
  • barramundi
  • mulloway
  • cobia
  • longtail tuna
  • yellowfin tuna
  • GTs
  • kingfish
  • mackerel
  • tailor
  • salmon
  • XL flathead
Main foreign species
  • striped bass
  • red drum
  • bluefish
  • snook
  • musky
  • pike
  • king mackerel
  • tarpon
Fan mail from Finland


Metalix Gold (XG) pattern
Daly River Gold (DR)
Shallow running SandViper works the upper layer when predators blitz bait from below. Cast it into channels or gutters in the surf zone, or troll it over flats and reefs.

Great swimming action at slow or fast retrieves.
Body length, excluding bib Weight of lure Size and grade of hooks Size and grade of split rings Number of colour variations How easy is it to cast How easy is it to wind in Floater or sinker
140mm 28g 3x#2 #4H 29 The more lights the better The more lights the better floats

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Action is influenced by bib size/shape, retrieve speed and method of attachment.
Depth is influenced by bib size/shape, retrieve speed, class and length of line and method of attachment.
Speed potential is influenced by design of lure and tuning.

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