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  S85 Spoonbill (Deep)
Well designed
It's just one of those lures that does everything right!
  • Casts into the next postcode
  • Trolls fast and straight
  • High frequency vibrant action
  • Did we mention catches fish?
Find out about our super tough bib (lip) technology
Tough as nails with an enduroShok bib.

A versatile all-rounder. Just the right size to appeal to a wide range of predators, and equally at home in freshwater, estuaries, or trolling out at sea.

How many bibbed lures can handle '7 knots plus' troll speeds amongst a pattern of skirted lures?

Naturalised patterns
Twenty five colours to choose from, some scanned from real Australian baitfish.

Main Australian freshwater species
  • Murray cod
  • golden perch
  • bass
  • sooty grunter
  • barramundi
Main Australian saltwater species *handles bluewater trolling speeds Main foreign species
  • trout
  • salmon
  • largemouth bass
  • smallmouth bass
  • pike
  • walleye
  • Papuan black bass
  • striped bass


Barra Blue (BB)
Yellow Rainbowfish (YR)
The mangrove jack is just one of a number of predatory fish which like the size and action of the Spoonbill. This one took a Barra Blue lure in snaggy territory in the Galley Reach area of Papua New Guinea.

One handsome fish!
Body length, excluding bib Weight of lure Size and grade of hooks Size and grade of split rings Number of colour variations How easy is it to cast How easy is it to wind in Floater or sinker
85mm 14g #4 #4H 25 The more lights the better The more lights the better floats

Full page view Action Maximum depth Maximum speed
View more images of this product narrow 4.5m 7 knots
Shorter Explanation of buttons and datasheet info Longer
Hide colours
Action is influenced by bib size/shape, retrieve speed and method of attachment.
Depth is influenced by bib size/shape, retrieve speed, class and length of line and method of attachment.
Speed potential is influenced by design of lure and tuning.

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