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The Viper has gained notoriety as a producer of big barra in impoundments. Neil Schultz was one of the pioneers who sussed out catching barra on lures Lake Tinaroo. He caught this beauty on a Daly River Gold pattern.

[Neil Schultz photo]

Vipers have been very successful in Scandinavia. This large brown trout took an Elton Jack (EJ) pattern on the troll.

[Viper Import photo - Norway]


New Jersey striper taken on Cicada (CD) Viper. On this day when 100 other boats were skunked, the Aussie lure bagged 12 bass.

[Joshua Schainbaum photo]


Another fine northern pike (10.9kg) taken on a Copperhead (CH) Viper.

[Runar J Gjedde - Norway]


In Australian waters, fingermark (Lutjanus russelli) are normally taken on deep divers like B80D and B80UD. This one was caught in Singapore by WenLong (HotSpot Bait & Tackle, Singapore) on Fireball Red (FR).


A fine barra explodes out of the water, shaking its head in an attempt to throw a Copperhead (CH) Viper.

[Keith Kingston photo]


Regarded by some as 'barra central' the Bensbach River in PNG offers action plus. This clearwater fish took a Purple Thing (PT) in July 2001, soon after the introduction of that colour.
[Andrew Smith Photo]

Click In Norway, Gjørs (perchpike) grow as big as 10-11kg. Tom Arild caught this 4.3kg specimen on a Pink Thing (PI) Viper.  
Click Our PNG field tester, Andrew Smith, shows why Aussie Gold (AG) is his favourite colour; around 12 kilos of clearwater Bensbach Lates calcarifer.  

QUESTION: What happens when you give a hot new colour (Purple Thing PT) to a novice angler and he slays 'em with it?

ANSWER: You can't get the grin off his face and he won't give it back!

[Andrew Smith photo]


Lit up more like a rainbow trout, yet another Papuan barra that fell for the charms of Purple Thing (PT)

[Andrew Smith photo]

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